“Highway in the Sky” Cockpit Displays
Advanced Technologies

The Advanced Technologies (AT) Division is formed by a group of scientists, engineers, and software developers whose mission is to carry out research and development, create intellectual property, and commercialize new technologies, particularly those involving robotics, behavior, intelligent agents, and complex systems.

The core technology at the AT Division is the T-BORG Simulation and Integration Framework, a software framework developed at Sandia National Laboratories and licensed for commercialization and further development to ORION. Over the years, ORION has contributed over the years with contract staff and its own intellectual property in the form of modules, interfaces to other tools, and T-BORG based applications. This technology is used in projects that combine modeling, simulation, systems integration, and visualization into applications for training, emergency response, image-guided medical interventions, logistics, security, communications, and battlefield scenario analysis.

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