Orion constellation illustration
Orion Nebula
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ORION Legacy

The Orion nebula complex is an immense cloud of molecular gas and dust. Mutual gravitational attraction draws the gas and dust together until hydrogen nuclei fuse, creating a spectacular thermonuclear reaction -- the birth of a new star. The glow of these hot new stars reflects off the interstellar dust as high-energy electrons cause the hydrogen gas to glow. Because it is both bright and relatively close (only 1500 light-years away from us), this nebula can be seen by the unaided eye. Náhuatl-speaking Mesoamericans knew the central part of the constellation Orion as Mamelhuaztli, the Fire Bow and Drill; the glowing nebula was smoke from the fire it had kindled.

Today's ORION is a place where the fires of creativity burn. It is also an environment that kindles and fosters its employees' professional growth, hence our motto,
"Where Stars are Born."

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